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Blueside Preschool is a Spanish Immersion Program in a home like environment that offers early learning services to toddlers and preschool-age children. Curriculum adapts accordingly to children's needs, interests and learning styles. Daily activities include singing, movement, storytelling and group instruction. Outdoor walks and park visits support nature exploration and gross motor development. At Blueside Preschool, we strive to create an environment where every child feels nurtured and understood by experienced, dedicated and caring teachers who value their opinions and guide them as they learn about the world around them. With an appreciation for their uniqueness as individuals, we offer a holistic approach and delve deeply into empathy, respect, self-love and mindful living. We help them cultivate a strong relationship with themselves and the world.

Our program promotes diversity and acceptance by teaching children Spanish in an organic manner through our day-to-day interactions and varied activities. Learning a second language brings them incredible benefits by activating new neural pathways in their brain helping them develop key critical thinking skills, boosting their creativity while increasing their understanding of their first language.


1019 Ashbury St. Apt. 1, San Francisco, CA. 94117  

​Tel: 415-712-9815

License number 384004400

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