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"My three-year old daughter has been attending Blueside for the past year. Blueside Preschool has been the perfect place for our child to cultivate her creativity and gradual independence. Rosa is nurturing and encouraging with the small group of kids and very communicative and approachable for us parents. The kids get ample outdoor time and exploration in multiple nearby parks, healthy snacks, and valuable nap/quiet time. And we love that our child is able to gain academic skills as well as sustain and develop her Spanish through songs, stories, art, and play that are very child-centered."

-Luis Poza, Parent

"Of all the childcare providers we met (and it was MANY), Rosa was by far the most intelligent, warm and nurturing. Rosa's ability to connect and empathize with children enabled our son to transition well within the first couple of weeks. One of the unique advantages of Blueside is the amount of outdoor time Rosa provides. Weather permitting, she takes the children daily to the nearby parks and playgrounds, ensuring they get plenty of exercise and time to explore. While indoors, Rosa regularly organizes arts and crafts and provides healthy morning and afternoon snacks. Rosa sends pictures daily and is a great communicator. Coming from parents who really struggled to find a childcare solution we felt comfortable with, we can't recommend Rosa and Blueside strongly enough. It is an absolute pleasure to have our son in her care."

Erin Hale, Parent

"Our son loves going to Blueside and Rosa is a great teacher. The kids get lots of outdoor time, yummy snacks and do cool art projects. Our son is energized and more expressive for every day he goes."

Michael Friis, Parent

"Our 2 year-old daughter absolutely loves going to Blueside Preschool. When we leave our house in the morning, she often exclaims, "Blueside Preschool! Let's go! Rosa is loving, creative, professional, and has a strong knowledge of child development. As parents, we enjoy daily photo updates (sent through the Procare app) of the kids having fun on the playground or in the park, and we always trust that she is safe in Rosa's care. Our child has become more confident in her social interactions with other kids, and she clearly enjoys all of the singing, dancing, and story time at Blueside. She has also learned many Spanish words, which we're thrilled to hear her use at home. Our family couldn't be happier with our choice of Blueside Preschool."

Ali Ross, Parent

"Our daughter spent two years with Rosa and we absolutely love her. She is loving, fun, and caring. She fostered a love of books and music, and helped our daughter (and us!) gain confidence at the playground. She also taught our daughter important skills like turn taking and saying please and thank you, and we remain amazed at hearing our toddler speaking fluently in Spanish. Rosa is a gem."

- Meghann L, Parent


"Many people can take care of babies and children.  Few can nurture them into confident, self-reliant youngsters as well as Rosa.  For two years, Rosa has cared for our son, helping him develop into a curious, playful, loving, polite, self-assured, bilingual boy.  Rosa’s love for babies and children is evident, and her ability to connect with them, identify their special qualities and help their unique personalities shine seems almost effortless.  The deep relationships she builds allow her to guide little ones through developmental milestones and day-to-day challenges with incredible ease and success -- all while they build their Spanish fluency. The talent, skills, experience and passion she brings each day has benefited not only our son, but us, too.  As first-time parents, we were so grateful to have a partner in Rosa, who would share her wisdom with us, helping us build our own confidence and skill as parents.  We can’t recommend Rosa highly enough."

-Katherine Ducker, Parent


"Rosa worked with my preschool age daughter and my infant son for 3.5 years. Both of them just blossomed during their time with her! Rosa takes pride in each of their milestones as if they were her own. She is very passionate about her work with children and it shows in the way that she connects with them so effortlessly. She loves reading, singing, doing art projects, and offering them enriching experiences (while teaching them Spanish!) Both of our kids are emotionally aware, empathetic, and imaginative because of Rosa’s loving guidance. She’s also instilled in them a love for learning." 

-Laura Flink, Parent

"Rosa is remarkable with children! We are so fortunate to have her in our life. She lovingly cared for our daughter and her friend and helped them form a strong, lasting relationship. Rosa was responsible for all of their daily needs and  early education. She always had fun activities planned for them. Rosa is kind, warm, intelligent, and highly competent. She has enriched all of our lives with her calm and loving presence. We treasure the sixteen year (and counting!) relationship we have with her."

-Catherine Martin, Parent

"Hiring Rosa was one of the best decisions I was lucky enough to ever make. It was immediately clear that Rosa has a natural talent for connecting with children. During the two years Rosa cared for my daughter, she consistently provided a nurturing, engaging, and secure environment with developmentally appropriate and creative activities. She treated my daughter with gentle respect along with the boundaries needed to keep her safe and help her grow. She showed my daughter patience, understanding, and kindness, which allowed me to return to work confident that my child was being cared for, supported and loved. I attribute much of my daughter's disposition to the tender devotion Rosa's bestowed on her. If you are lucky enough to entrust your child to Rosa, you will be forever grateful."   


-Maury Polk, Parent


"Rosa worked as our full-time nanny for our son for over two years, from age 1 to age 3.  Rosa was a spectacular nanny.  She was timely, communicative and successfully and appropriately structured his days with naps, healthy food and social time as well as being loving, positive and fun.  She taught him sign language and his first words in Spanish.  Our son flourished in her care and we were fortunate to have her as our nanny."

-Kimberly Hancock, Parent


"It is with great pleasure I recommend Rosa as a dedicated and committed individual to my children’s well-being and learning during their pivotal toddler to preschool age. Rosa was an integral part of our family for many years and I know her as dependable and knowledgeable about how best to support the growth and development by keeping them engaged and constantly learning. She always communicated to my children in Spanish which continues to benefit my children to this day. I can’t thank her enough for the joy she provided my family."

-Jennifer Carter, Parent

Rosa Mejia was our nanny for our first child for 1.5 years. In that time, we had a chance to get to know her, her family and style of care. As first time parents, we knew we needed someone who was not only loving, but also someone who had a deep knowledge of developmental stages, patience and good communication skills. We got all of this and more with Rosa. She showed so much love to our son, and also the right amount of structure and this could be seen in how he blossomed under her care. I'll never forget how she helped me through sleep training–with respect for where I was at as a mother, but also with confidence and experience to help me trust in the process. Each day was met with excitement from our kids. She knew what and how to introduce new opportunities for learning at each stage. And there were countless kisses throughout each day! We feel grateful to have had Rosa in our life and recommend her care without hesitation.

- Pauline Luke

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